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Have Questions? These frequently asked questions should provide all the information you need, however, feel free to call or email us with any additional questions.

Can you put our names and date, or logo, onto the photo strip?

Yes! Custom graphics on the strip are included.

Is there any extra charge for delivery and setup?

No. Delivery and setup is included in the price.

Will there be an attendant at the booth?

Yes. A professional attendant will be on hand for the entire event.

How many copies are there of each photo strip?

One copy of the Photo Strip will be placed in your Scrapbook. Each person who enters booth will receive their own copy of the Photo Strip

Will we get a copy of all of the pictures taken?

Yes! At the end of the night, we will give you a USB flash drive with all of your pictures on it.

Is scrapbooking included?

Yes! We will place on copy of each strip into the scrapbook and encourage your guests to write a comment next to their photos.

Do you offer props?

Yes, we offer top-quality props that are included in the price. Your guests can wear them in the booth for some fun pictures.

PicureThis Photobooth - Top of the line props
top-of-the-line props
PicureThis Photobooth - No hassle photo gathering
no hassle photo gathering
PicureThis Photobooth - Customizable photo strips
customizable photo strips
PicureThis Photobooth - Slim, flexible booth design
slim, flexible design